What to do when you can’t Access Google

One of our clients: A..L had an issue with Google and that is what we did to fix it:


Restored system to a date before June 9th 2009 when the problem happened for the first time; Removed Sweet IM toolbar, the main cause behind (it had changed the search engine from google to something else per google desktop taskbar message)


Troubleshooting steps used:

1. Checked if google was pingable; It was (google’s ip:

2.  Installed Firefox and checked if google was accessible; It was

3. Restored the system to June 4th (Melissa had told me that the site stopped working on Tuesday, June 9th)

4. After rebooting machine a couple times We got a message on the task bar stating “Google has noted that the search page was changed” ; Noted two IE toolbars: Sweet IM and Configure toolbar; I removed both tools bars and IE start to load the pages much faster and google did not hang nor failed to load

Other things to check:

Is hosts file  blocking google? (It was not)

Is there spyware on the machine or  IE (No there was not)

Is the router a Linksys router model WRT300N?

Check if IE is blocking Google:

Click on start/control pane/IE options/Privacy Tab/Sites
Look at list of sites to see if any Google sites are blocked.

Try clearing the system cache. Go to Start, then Run. Type in cmd and press enter. At the prompt enter ipconfig /flushdns. If for some reason you have a bad DNS file this will clear it and force your computer to aquire a new one.


Check if the router is linksys WRT300N and call linksys to help you out (see this comment from a forum:



Excerpts that matter:

Thank you everyone for your help. I went on the linksys

technical support site and have found that many people have this same problem. It seems it is a problem with the linksys routers (WRT300N). Wired into the router the sites work, but wireless anything with google in it doesn’t. The forum says to download the new firmware update and then call linksys to walk you through the problem. edit – i downloaded the firmware update and was walked through changing several settings with linksys. No way I could have done this on my own…too many setting changes to things like fragmentation threshold values and RTS threshold values in the linksys advanced wireless settings…linksys knows of this problem and you have to contact them for the fix. Having said that, they were great and everything is working well now


Curiosity NOTE: It looks like Google’s related sites (youtube, gmail, google.com) are mostly on  the 74.125 subnet or 209.85 subnet or 208.65 subnet

See examples below:



You tube:

jp June 12, 2009


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