Fixing Trend Micro “Disconnected” message from task bar icon on agent

Trend Micro agent icon might display the word “Disconnected” on desktop and even servers that store the Worry Free Busineess Edition software and where the console is located. The reason might vary, but in one particular case, the problem happened when an unattended installation exe file was created and the ofcscan.ini located on D:\program files\trend micro\pccsrv had a semicolon on the line:  Master_DomainName=;[SERVERNAME].[DOMAINNAME].LOCAL. It should be: Master_DomainName=[SERVERNAME].[DOMAINNAME].LOCAL

See ticket 27467 with details of this issue being resolved (client B..R).

jp 6-15-2009

Once you make chnages to the ofcscan.ini file you need to restart the listener services for both the server and for the desktop clients. After a few minutes the service should update the master console and the status should change from offline (red) to online (black)


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