OPEN DNS servers and – Google Public DNS servers and

OpenDNS is not software
With OpenDNS you do not need to worry about downloading or installing software. To use OpenDNS, you merely choose to use our DNS servers ( and instead of those assigned by your ISP or pointing directly to the root servers. With no new software, trying OpenDNS is a no-risk opportunity to improve your network experience.

OpenDNS is recursive DNS
OpenDNS delivers recursive DNS service, which means our DNS translates the domain name requests made from your network into IP addresses. This is how all recursive DNS works; OpenDNS just does it faster and more reliably.

OpenDNS does not provide domain name hosting services or authoritative DNS for telling the Internet where your domain resolves to. We do not manage zone files or other authoritative features. For domain owners, we do offer instant cache updating with CacheCheck, so your domain updates can be instantly propagated for all OpenDNS customers.

Filtering adult content and other unwanted sites on a network is one of the greatest advantages to using OpenDNS. With a free account, you can manage your network(s) in the Dashboard, setting custom preferences all the way down to the individual public IP address.

When behind a single IP address (common in NAT), all DNS requests from that IP will be treated with that IP’s preferences. Some network administrators are able to assign a different IP address and router for each sub-group within their network. Quite simply, they set up two different routes: one for content filtering and the other for alternate access, depending on their needs. They then set up a separate network for each IP address within their OpenDNS account and filter content accordingly. Unless a machine has a public IP address, per-machine preferences are not yet possible with OpenDNS.


Update April 24, 2012
Google Public DNS IP addresses

The Google Public DNS IP addresses (IPv4) are as follows:


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