Consideration when Using CformsII inside Word Press

If you need to send forms to the admin email using cformsII there are two important considerations:
1. Make sure you click on the check box next to the option: “Include user input at the bottom of the admin email”
This option is listed under the ADMIN EMAIL MEssage Options section of cformsII
2. Make sure you enter the email of the two users you want to send the email to on the section: Core Form Admin/Email Options.
NOTE: I think cforms has a bug where it won’t send the emails to the internal user of the domain where it is installed. Example:
You are working on website and you use cforms/word press on it. If you put in the admin email or BCC email, the form doesn’t get sent to The workaround is to create a gmail account for joedoe (e.g and use the forward option available on gmail to forward all joedoe@gmail emails to (not sure if yahoo or hotmail have forward option like gmail does; if they do you could use also use yahoo or hotmail accounts to accomplish this)
jp 8-18-09


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