Go Daddy alternative SMTP ports

If you get a SMTP server error when trying to send email out using the smtpout.secureserver.net, click on more settings and go to the Advanced tab, then Enter 3535 or 80 as the smtp port. Send a test email and see if it works.
As always, make sure the following entries are correct in Internet Mail setup screen for the pop/imap configuration screen:
Your Name
Your first and last name.
E-mail Address
Your email address.
User Name
Your email address, again.
Your email account password.
Incoming mail server (POP3)
POP, Pop.secureserver.net or IMAP, imap.secureserver.net.
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
Also make sure you click on more settings and OUTGOING MAIL SERVER and click the radio button: This server requires authentication and use the same settings as the incoming mail server

source: http://products.secureserver.net/email/email_outlook.htm

Also here is a list of smtp servers:

The most popular:
AT & T Wireless smtp.attwireless.net
AT & T Worldnet imailhost.worldnet.att.net
Bellsouth mail.bellsouth.net
Comcast smtp.comcast.net
Cox – Central smtp.central.cox.net
Cox – East smtp.east.cox.net
Cox – West smtp.west.cox.net
Earth Link smtpauth.earthlink.net
gmail smtp.gmail.com
Go Daddy smtpout.secureserver.net
Yahoo smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Windows Live Hotmail smtp.live.com


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