Sustainable IT – Business Case

source: Channel Pro
Author Megan Santosus
Market for Green IT – 450 million in 2008 ;
4.8 biilion in 2013
MS survey: 69% of IT decision makers of SMB say that being envronment friendly is important; 94% of respondents say technology is an important tool to become greener
Among the most promising cost-saving sustainable practices identified:
– Allowing Telecommuning
– Using Mobile Technology
– Conducting Web based meetings
Winning proposition -Reduce Costs while decreasing environmental impact
Channel Partners have to alter the mentality of simply selling products and instead think in terms of assessments to determine that areas that can benefit from specific IT solutions
Look at the energy consuption of the business as well as mgmt and behavioral practices (Jessica V.)
Terrabytes Consulting founder.
Initiatives like Managed Print Services, document Mgmt, refurbished hardware; web conferencing and collaboration tools and a host of technologies that can bridge the gap between home and office can allow partners to expand their business footprint and while helping clients reduce their environment footprint
Getting Started
Scanning and capture technologies
Softweare like Enterprise Content Mgmt (ECM) that enables organization to centraly store and search documents on a shared server can take a big byte of paper use
Given that 60% of documents are printed organizations are still not taking advantage of digital technologies.
Paper and toner can often be reduced by setting up


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