Registering a new TREO 700 with Verizon

If your BlackBerry Treo dies and you need to register a new one with Verizon, this is what you need to do:
(This works for BB Treos that have the Windows Mobile OS on them)

click on start Programs and Wireless Sync
follow the prompts to register the account. You will need the username, which is the 10 digit telephone number and the password you used to create the account originally. Once you authenticate the un/pass click on the “Refresh” option to start syncronizing your emails and contacts.

NOTE: This is the most critical part. If you don’t know the un/password you won’t be able to register your BB Treo and your email and contacts won’t be syncronized, so, be sure to know your password.
If you think your password is correct but you are not 100% sure (who is sure these days with all the passwords we have to remember anyways?) you can logon to your verizon web account (you must have one if you are syncronizing with your email program.) and try to logon as follows:
Go to the following web site: (which resolves to )

Enter your username and password:
where the un: 9998887777 (it is your 10 digit telephone number) and the password. If you don’t remember the password, you ned to call Verizon support and request a password reset; You need to give them the last four digit of you social security or the last four digit of your credit card on file so they can validate your account.
Once you are logged you can change the password by going into settings and change your password; Change to something simple so you don’t need to work hard on the “SPACIOUS” Blackberry Treo keyboard.
Remember, if you change your Verizon password using your computer you must also enter the new password on your BB Treo when registering and also on you PC monitor software (located on the task bar of your computer, near the time display on the bottom right of your screen)
I hope this helps.


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