Using vssadmin command to manage Windows Vista System restore Space requirements

Windows Vista has a Backup infrastructure called volume shadow copy service in which System Restore is part of it.

In Windows Vista there is no GUI tool to configure the space used by system restore, but there is an command line tool called vssadmin that allows for management of hard disk space in case you are running out of space on your hard drive. To start do the following:
Right click on command prompt and select: run as administrator
These ar etypical vssadmin commands:

vssadmin list shadows (lists of all restore points on the system)
vssadmin list volumes (lists volumes available for shadow copy)
vssadmin list shadowstorage – how much disk space is being used for shadow copy

Vista allocates 15% of total space or 30% of available space for Shadow Copy Storage (whchiever is less)
Vista will store up to 64 shadow copies (or system restore points) on a single volume at any one time (provided there is anough space on the storage area)
One you reach the maximum space limit Vista will automatically delete older shadow copies to make room for new ones
If you want you can resize the space to be allocated for shadow storage by entering the command:
vssadmin resize shadowstorage

switches Followed by Function
/for* Drive Letter Specifies the volume for which the maximum amount of storage space is to be resized (most likely the C drive)
/on* Drive Letter Specifies the storage volume
/maxsize* Value Specifies the maximum amount of space that can be used for storing shadow copies (probably the most important switch)
Note: When entering the maxsize value you must specify as a digit or series of digits followed by a unit
Example 20GB = 20 gigabytes
800KB = 800 Kilobytes
950MB = 950 Megabytes
50TB = 50 Terrabytes
25PB = 25 Petabytes
10EB = 10 Exabytes
If no maxsize is specified, Vista sets the limit to unbounded (which is a time bomb problem waiting to happen in terms of your machine running out of space eventually)
The minimum amount of disk space required for System Restore is 300mb but 1 Gb is the recommended minimum
Example: To resize the space to 15gb do the following command:
vssadmin resize shadowstorage /for*c: /on*c: /maxsize*15gb
Reboot the system for the new values to take effect
blog: (by Bill Detwiler)


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