Thumb drive letter won’t show up on MY Computer (Windows XP)

This issue is common on PC’s that have multiple share drives mapped on a workstation

You plug the flash/thumb drive on the USB port but Windows does not assign a drive letter; If it is not an issue with the USB port or with the drive, it is most likely an issue with conflicting drive letter. Windows assigned the same drive letter as another mapped share on the workstation; The solution is quite simple, but first, open My computer and write down the drive letters of all drives listed there, example: C:, D:, E:, F:, G:, H:, I:, etc, then do the following:

1. Right click on “MY Computer”
2. Click on Manage
3. Click on Disk Management
4. Check to see if the thumb drive is listed with a drive letter that matches a mapped share on your workstation (check the list you wrote down before)
If it does, right click inside of the area where the drive is being showed and click on “Change Drive letter”
Click on the change button
Pick another drive letter from the drop down list; Make sure you pick a drive letter that has not been taken yet.
Click “OK” twice
You are done!
Open My Computer and the drive letter should be displayed now.

If you don’t see the thumb drive listed on the Disk Management screen it it likely that the thumb drive is dead or the USB port is bad.


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