How to restore a Windows Vista/7 old Administrator password using a Windows Vista /7 DVD

How to restore an old Windows Vista/7 Administrator password using Windows Vista or Windows 7 install DVD

If you don’t know the current Windows Administrator password in Windows Vista or Windows 7 but know the old one you can follow these steps to restore Windows to a date where the old password was valid
Note: System restore must be enabled in order for this procedure to work. You will lose settings and programs you installed since the last restore point was created. The Windows Vista/7 restore works similarly to Windows XP system restore

To begin, you’ll insert the Windows Vista or Windows 7 DVD into your drive and restart the system. When the system boots from the DVD, follow along with the prompts as you normally would. When you get to the Install Windows screen, click the Repair Your Computer link
You’ll then be prompted to select the operating system to repair, Just select the operating system and click Next.
You’ll then see the System Recovery Options dialog box. To continue, click System Restore to load the System Restore wizard
When you see the first window in the System Restore wizard, click Next.
When the next window in the wizard appears, you’ll be prompted to select the restore point that you want to use. On my example system, there is only one restore point; however, chances are that you’ll have more than one on your system.
When you boot from the DVD, there will be a drive letter X, and System Restore will be prompt you to confirm that the correct disk is selected.
Finally, you’ll be prompted to begin the restore operation. When you click Finish, you’ll see one more confirmation dialog box.
To commence the system restore operation, click Yes. You’ll then see a progress dialog box that will keep you apprised of the restore operation. The restore operation may take a while to complete, so sit back and be patient.
Once the restore operation is complete, you’ll be prompted to restart your system. Click the Restart button. Again, the restart operation may take a while to finish its work.
When the system restarts, you can log in using a standard user account. Go into User Accounts, and then you can click Manage Accounts. When prompted by UAC, you can enter the old Administrator password. At this point, you can then change the Administrator password.
by Greg Shultz


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