Device not registered- Broadvoice phone on Clear network

I had an issue on my broadvoice phone using Clear network; It was causing the phone to say “device not registered” instead of the dial tone. The Broadvoice tech support had me logon to the grandstream router via web interface ( and on the basic settings tab enter the dns (broadvoice dns). Then click on “update”; Finally click on reboot on the bottom of the screen. The dial tone magically appeared and I was able to make phone calls; The reason is that Clear DNS is not working so by entering the DNS of broadvoice, the packets could be send to the correct destination
Clear Umax Motorola modem is also a router and has an internal ip of; when you put another router between your computer and the Clear network, the Broadvoice router (or any other router) will use Clear internal ip as the wan ip; on the other hand; the Clear router uses a DHCP external ip. This causes a lot of confusion and frustration. Clear should put their router in bridgemode to avoid the confusion.


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