How to stop Windows from rebooting after automatic updates using Group Policy

source: Bill Detwiler (see link below)

Configure Windows Update through local Group PolicyOn machines running Windows XP Pro with at least SP2, Windows Vista Business, or Windows 7 Pro, you can configure Windows Update using the Group Policy snap-in (gpedit.msc) for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).

1.Stop all running instances of Windows Update AutoUpdate Client (wuauclt.exe) using the Task Manager. (This may or may not be required for the steps below to work, but it can’t hurt.)
2.Open the Group Policy MMC snap-in by clicking Start | Run and entering gpedit.msc (Windows XP Pro) in the Run box or by clicking Start and entering gpedit.msc in the Search box (Windows Vista Business and Windows 7 Pro).
3.Expand Computer Configuration.
4.Right-click Administrative Templates and click Add/Remove Templates.
5.Click Add
6.Click Wuau.adm in the Windows\Inf folder and click Open.
7.Click Close.
8.Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, Windows Components, and Windows Update.
9.Double-click the policy No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installations.
10.Select Enabled.
11.Click OK.
12.Close the Group Policy snap-in for MMC.

For Active Directory:

Configure Active Directory WSUS clients through Group PolicyFor Active Directory Windows WSUS clients, you can also configure the settings for WSUS and Automatic Updates using Group Policy. The process is similar to steps outlined above for editing Windows Update local Group Policy.

source link:
Thank you Bill!

Trivia: Windows XP has over 600 group policy settings over 200 more than WIndows 2000 (per Killian


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