How to find out which server in your domain is a Global Catalog Server and how to make it a GCS

Go to Administrative Tools and select Active Directory Sites and Services.
Expand Sites
Expand Default First Site Name
Expand Servers – The list of servers will display
Click on the first server
On the right pane right click on NTDS settings
Select Properties
There is a check box next to Global Catalog; if checked, that is your GC server (or one of them)
To make this server a Global Catalog: Check the box and it will become a GC
It takes some time for the GC to be propagated to a server that you just checked as GC server, so give it some time for the changes to be propagated successfuly;
If the first server is not a GC, click to the 2nd server and repeat the procedure above to find out if the 2nd server has the GC and keep doing it until you find the GC server
You are Done!


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