how to find out the ip address of a mac computer

Easiest way: Click on Apple icon – About This Mac – More Info – Network; IP Address is displayed on the right

Open a terminal window so that you can type commands that are not on a menu. If you already have a terminal window open, skip to Step 5. Otherwise, click on the desktop background (not on any application).
The top menu bar should now say “Finder”; click on Go -> applications
On the applications menu, click on Utilities to open the set of commands that are on the Utilties submenu.
Under the Utilities folder, click on Terminal.
In the terminal window, type “ifconfig” then hit return.
In the output, there will be lines that include inet x.x.x.x netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast a.b.c.d
The IP address of the interface is the four numbers denoted by x.x.x.x in the lines described above.
There may be a line that says inet netmask 0xff000000 This is the loopback interface, and always uses the IP address

If you want to have terminal handier than looking it up in the finder, drag it to the tool dock
When you are finished with the terminal, you can type exit, but this will not close the window. To do that, you need to use the top menu bar, terminal -> close
This is for an Apple computer, for Windows, see the link below
If you are behind a router, and you want to see your external IP address, go to one of the sites in the External Links
Alternative Method: Click on Apple icon -> About This Mac -> More Info -> Network; IP Address is displayed on the right
Alternative Method: Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Network; select your connection type from the drop-down menu and click TCP/IP. This also provides other information such as the subnet mask and router.



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