Failed to load isite ocx control

This is an error when you try to load a CD to view X-rays and CAT scan pictures on medical practicioners offices or any other business that use
I Site Media Viewer to view computerized images (Windows Task Manager lists as a process called isitemediaviewer). This problem happens because the software uses some DLLs used by Internet Explorer. As of November 2009, the software does not support Internet Explorer 8. To prevent this error you need to have IE 7 installed on the machine you are viewing the image.
The software works as follows: When you insert a CD on the drive, the isitemediaviewer gets loaded into memory and start to read the scanned images on the cd. The user won’t see any windows popup until the scanned image is completed loaded by isitemediaviewer. When that happens the The I Site Media Viewer window will pop up and it will display the index file (which usually contains the name of the patient) and the scanned pictures. This process can take anywhere from one minute to 10 minutes depending on the number of images and patients contained on the CD. And I am talking about a fast PC (duo core processor). So the main message is BE PATIENT. A good way of checking the whole process to unfold is to open Task Manager just before you put the CD. You will notice that isitemediaviewer will get listed into the processes tab and the memory allocation keeps increasing until it completes reading the pictures (normally it starts at 2 or 3 Mb of RAM and keeps increasing until it gets to anywhere between 30 to 40 mb of RAM when the I site Viewer window is shown to the user)

To find out when IE 8 will be supported you may want to call I Site Media Viewer Support at 877-328-2808. It appears that I Site Media Viewer is one of the software divisions of Phillips


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