BSD on Windows Vista running Zyxel VPN CLient

Caused by the Green Bow drivers in the general tab of the network properties of the card on the client computer where VPN occurs. A workaround is to disable the option by unchecking the box next to the item

Green Bow drivers have conflicting issues with the NIC files causing the BSD (Note: BSD won’t happen if you are connected to the Internet via USB interface, such as Clear Network or another USB based ISP which don’t use NICs for connection to the Internet)
Among other things, you need to replace the old sysfiles by visiting the greenbow site and downloading the latest drivers .

Here are the specific instructions, per Rachel, who worked very hard on this issue. Thank you Rachel for the great tips!

Zyxel VPN and Vista

1. Make sure the Zyxel firewall has the lastest firmware
2. Configure the VPN on an XP machine to test it with fewer problems, and then export the configuration file
3. Update the network card drivers on the Vista machine, if any updates are available
4. Install the Zyxel VPN client version 3.
NOTE: Versions 2 and 4 DO NOT WORK
5. Go to the Greenbow website:
a. Download the Driver Dfilter VPN ( for Vista (DfilterVPN.sys)
b. Download the Driver VPN ( RC1) for Vista improvement (ndistgb.sys)
c. Drop both of the files into the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder, overwriting the existing files
6. Go to network control panel and uninstall the Auto Internet Driver from all network cards
7. Reboot
8. Import the configuration file and test the connection

On a side note, Green Bow is one of the companies in Switzerland that writes the VPN software for Zyxel


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