Word Documents taking too long to open – Some suggestions

1. Disable Norton Security Microsoft Office add-on option (or disable Norton temporarily to see if the word document opening speeds up)
2. Click start run and type: winword /a and then open the file via File open and see if it opens immediatelly or if takes the same amount of time
3. Install a older or newer version of Word and see if it takes the same amount of time to open the file
4. Disable some start up programs using msconfig
5. Disable Word Add-ins (if you are using Word 2007) for example, disable Adobe PDF maker, which slows down the loading time. See details below (***)
6. Delete the networked printer(s) and then re-install the printer(s) as local printer on a local port. (see instructions here from trainer 4063: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/office2007deployment/thread/a2dec8e5-b7db-4b95-8a79-ffb7234dc734: )

The reasoning behind deleting a networked printer and installing it as a local port (per trainer 4063 of the previous link: “The difference is whether Word is loading the PRINTER drivers across the network (Network Printer) or from the local machine (Using Local Port). If you are changing the location or model of the printer, the users still have to “reinstall” the printer anyway. Unfortunately, since Office 2007 requires a printer to function properly and loads the printer when Office programs load, the other option is to have them use a local preinstalled “printer” such as Microsoft Document Writer or Fax as their default printer and then select one of the networked printers from the drop down print dialog when they need to print (this too will take time to load). I am also hoping that Microsoft does fix this bug soon as it should not matter if a printer is installed or not. ”

From same link above on item 5:
*** …”I recently installed Office 2007 and have been trying to resolve slow startup issues with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The same fix worked for all three applications. For example for Word do the following; Go to the Office Button in Word, (button located at top left) left click and go to Word Options. Now select Add-Ins and go to button of page and ensure COM Add-ins is selected. Click Go button then uncheck Microsoft Office Word 2007 Get Started Tab checkbox. Select OK and exit Word. Now try to restart and it should be much faster.”… n2deep


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