TeraStation Live – System Error E04 – Can’t Load Kernel

The Buffalo TeraStation (BTS) model HS-DH0.0TGL/R5 displayed the following error message: System Error E04 – Can’t load Kernel
I contacted Buffalo’s tech support and according to them, the unit lost its firmware; he pointed me to the site: http://buffalotech.com/support/downloads/ and asked to pick the TeraStation Live as the product name and download the firmware (125.02 mb).
I asked the tech how the firmware upgrade program would find the BTS unit if the the kernel was not loaded; He told me the update program finds the BTS unit by means of IP address OR MAC address. After extracting the files from the zip file, I ran psupdater, the executable that performs the firmware; after getting a message the firewall was on (which wasn’t) I got another message: HS-DHTGL not found
According to the tech, the EPROM chip that holds the firmware was probably burnt and the unit had to be replaced (we had a power failure due to storms in the area, recently and the unit failed afterwards – GET A POWER SURGE protector for your TeraStation!); I also connected the unit directly into the PC via RJ45 cable and put a static IP on my NIC on the same subnet as the BTS but still could not find the unit
I am now waiting for the replacement unit. Luckly, these units come with three year warranty on them and the advanced replacement program will replace the unit (credit card hold needed when filling the RMA form)
To be continued…

01-22-2010 update:

The first hard drive of the array had failed

The final solution:

It turned out that by removing the first hard drive from the array, the array was reconstructed with only three drives and the data got restored back; When the replacement hard drive arrived and was put back on the Terastation array box, the array was again reconstructed and all data was once again available.

So the message: Can’t load the kernel, can be resolved by removing one drive and replacing it with another. Therefore it may be a good idea to order a spare hard drive with the same size as the other drives, so when a situation like that occurs all you need to do is to replace the drive and life is good again!


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