The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.

This happens when you try to grant a domain user,  the administrator rights to the local workstation

The first place to check is the IP properties of the network card. MAKE SURE the DNS IP points to the ip address of the domain server. A lot of times workstations use DHCP and the router/firewall provides the DNS ip, but in a  domain environment the server needs to authenticate users, printers and other resources, so YOU MUST HAVE the IP address of the server as the primary DNS server. This is critical!

The same is true when you join a machine to a domain, it is often necessary to enter the ip address of the server as the primary DNS to prevent error messages such as “Domain is not available” or other domain joining related error messages.

If the server ip is listed as the primary DNS on the workstation, then you might need to disjoin the domain and rejoin it again, by right clicking on My Computer, selecting properties and clicking on the Computer Name tab and clicking on the Change button and selecting  the Workgroup radio button and entering a workgroup name (administrator username and password of local machine or domain is required here) to disjoin the domain. Reboot the workstation and Repeat the procedure again, to join the domain (this time you click on the domain button and enter the domain name)


“You can delete the existing computer account in Server Manager, recreate the computer account, synchronize the domain, and then on the client rejoin the domain.” (source: )


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