Internet Explorer Cannot Connect to some Secure Sites – keeps flashing in an attempt to open the page

This behaviour is similar to what happens when you get an attempt browser hijack by malware.
Recently I had an issue when I attempted to open a secure site. It turned out the site had some active x components running that modifies IE. The browser did not allow these changes, so I had to add the site to the list of trusted sites as follows:
Open IE, select:
Tools, Internet Options, Security tab, select Trusted sites, click on the sites button
In the “Add this web site to this zone” rectangle box, enter the address (URL) of the site. Make sure it has “https” as part of the URL;  if not, you must uncheck the box “Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone
 before clicking the “add” button. Also you can enter a wild card to allow all subsites of a particular domain:
ex: enter * to allow all sites belonging to to be loaded in IE
You may also need to enable add-ons programs associated with the site. For example some sites might have viewers that need to be downloaded, installed and enabled in IE after installed


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