Code 39 font; Link to a Free 3 of 9 bar code font; Code 39 barcode symbology

I needed a barcode font called: free 3 of 9
I downloaded from the following website:
It worked like a charm
Thank you Matthew Welch!

More about Code 39:
Code 39 (also known as “USS Code 39”, “Code 3/9”, “Code 3 of 9”, “USD-3”, “Alpha39”, “Type 39”) is a barcode symbology that can encode uppercase letters (A through Z), digits (0 through 9) and a handful of special characters like the $ sign. The barcode itself does not contain a check digit (in contrast to—for instance—Code 128), but it can be considered self-checking on the grounds that a single erroneously interpreted bar cannot generate another valid character. Possibly the most serious drawback of Code 39 is its low data density: It requires more space to encode data in Code 39 than, for example, in Code 128. This means that very small goods cannot be labeled with a Code 39 based barcode. However, Code 39 is still widely used and can be decoded with virtually any barcode reader. One advantage of Code 39 is that since there is no need to generate a check digit, it can easily be integrated into existing printing system by adding a barcode font to the system or printer and then printing the raw data in that font.

Code 39 (also known as 3 of 9 bar code) is a variable length, discrete, alphanumeric bar code. Its character set contains 43 meaningful characters: 0 – 9, A-Z, -, ., $, /, +, %, and space. Each character is composed of nine elements: five bars and four spaces. Three of the nine elements are wide (binary value 1), and six elements are narrow (binary value 0). An additional common character (*) is used for both start and stop delimiters.

Code 39 was developed by Dr. David Allais and Ray Stevens of Intermec in 1974. Their original design included two wide bars and one wide space in each character, resulting in 40 possible characters. Setting aside one of these characters as a start and stop pattern left 39 characters, which was the origin of the name Code 39[1]. Punctuation characters were later added which deviated from this pattern, expanding the character set to 43 characters. Code 39 was later standardised as ANSI MH 10.8 M-1983 and MIL-STD-1189[2].

When using a Code 39 font, some software/hardware combinations have problems encoding the space character correctly and instead print a physical space. This can sometimes be resolved by replacing all spaces with the character = (equal sign). The correctly encoded space character will then show up in the actual barcode.[3]

The width ratio between narrow and wide can be chosen between 1:2 and 1:3.

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