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Excerpt from Botaji Ojo’s article: “Opinion: Microsoft dying? Don’t bet on it”

“… I’m not hearing the wheezing sounds of a company about to croak from Microsoft Corp. In any case, before we write Microsoft’s epitaph in anticipation of its demise, we perhaps should ask a few rather simple questions about the company.

Let’s start with this: How fast is Microsoft growing or is it already experiencing severe sales slowing down?

Here are some numbers to chew on: In fiscal 2009 ended June 30, Microsoft’s sales were $58.4 billion, down 3 percent from the prior year – at a time most technology companies were reporting sales declines in the low to high 30 percent range. In fiscal 2008, the company posted sales of $60.4 billion, up 18 percent from $51.1 billion in 2007 and $44.3 billion in fiscal 2006.

For fiscal 2010, analysts forecast sales of the software company will rebound to $61.7 billion. That doesn’t sound like the last gasp of a dying company.

There’s a stronger reason not to bet against Microsoft and this comes from another critical question about what exactly the company does and the range of products it offers. When we discuss the end of the computing age and imagine Microsoft biting the dust as a result, we forget the wide range of applications and technologies it supports….”


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