How to enable Windows 7 administrator account

By Default, Windows 7 comes with the administrator account disabled
So, in order to enable the administrator account, do the following:

1. Logon as the default user, or the as the first user who logged to Windos after the first bootup
2. Go to All Programs-Accessories
3. Right click on Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator”
4. type the following command at the commando prompt screen:

net user administrator /active:yes [password]

If you typed correctly, you will get a message stating the command completed successfuly
Note: [password] is an optional parameter, but highly recommended
create a password by entering here

Example: net user administrator /active:yes T@urus99

Result: The local administrator account has been enabled and the password has been reset to T@urus99

To disable the administrator account repeat the command and change the “active” parameter to “no”

net user administrator /active:no

This is specially useful if you are running Windows 7 Professional on a domain environment and you need to have the ability to logon as a local admin to perform some tasks that are not granted to the domain user needing your help.


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