The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed. Windows Vista and 7

Unlike Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 workstations differ a little from the way you normally make a domain user part of a local user group (for instance, when you try to make a domain user part of the local administrator group)
The simple solution is to logon as the user and then make him/her part of the administrator group. DO NOT try to add the user when logged on as another user (including administrator!)

This is a good answer I found on the technet forum:

Answer by Kerry Brown. Thank you Kerry!

“If the computer is joined to the domain, DNS is properly configured, and you can communicate with a domain controller you do not have to add domain users as a local user. You just need to logon with the domain user account. At the logon screen pick Switch user. For the account name specify the domain user account in the following format: domain\user where domain is the NETBIOS name of the domain. You can add domain users to local groups (like Administators) but you can’t make a domain user a local user”


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