“Error 170: The requested resource is in use.”

SBS 2003 on a domain environment
When trying to start the Windows Firewall service, the error 170: “The requested resource is in use” is displayed

SBS can ping and access workstations and other network resources (printers, router, etc) but none of the workstations and router can ping or access the server or map any drives on it.

Cause: the RRAS configuration is enabled

You need to disable RRAS configuration
. To do that follow these steps –
Start -> run -> rrasmgmt.msc
-You will see the RRAS management console.
Right click the name of the server ->Disable routing and remoteaccess.
Reboot server
– You should now be able to access the server again including pinging and mapping the drives!

If this does not work, try to reset the winsock:
via the following command:
– netsh winsock reset
– on the server
– reboot

You can also try to plug the server and a laptop into a small 5 port switch and see if the error persists, by pinging the server from the workstation (make sure you assign the WS a static ip on the same subnet as the server, if the server’s DHCP is disabled)This will test the bigger switch and the RJ 45 cable on the server

Client MH, Conyers Sep 27, 2010


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