NBTSCAN utility to list logon username, ip address and MAC address of card

This utility (NBTscan) acomplishes the same as the Windows command: nbtstat -A [ip address]
but it has a major advantage: it also shows the MAC address of the card, and logon name currently associated with the ip/MAC
All you need is to provide the hostname or computer name
You can download the utility from here: http://www.softpedia.com/progMoreBy/Publisher-Stephen-J-Friedl-13044.html

The utility was written by: Stephen J. Friedl (thank you Stephen!)

This is an actual example of the utility (note: in the following example, nbtscan-1.0.35 is the command, which includes the version as part of the name; of course you can rename to something simpler if you prefer). I downloaded the utility to the root of the drive C, to make it easier to access it. Note the logon name on the second line after the word SHARING

C:\>nbtscan-1.0.35 -f gae870002688135.84.31.3 GAE870\GAE870002688 SHARING U=JOHNDOE
GAE870002688 UNIQUE Workstation Service
GAE870 GROUP Domain Name
GAE870002688 UNIQUE Messenger Service
GAE870002688$ UNIQUE Messenger Service
GAE870002688 UNIQUE File Server Service
GAE870 GROUP Browser Service Elections
JOHNDOE UNIQUE Messenger Service
00:90:27:fc:c5:bf ETHER GAE870002688.janor.apttech.com


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