Unable to access a share on a Unix/Linux server from a Windows based machine that was previously available

Recently I encountered an issue where the user could not open a share on a Unix box when mapping from a Windows workstation. My Unix guru identified the reason:
In the past, that share was always available, suddenly when trying to open it and after a long wait (hourglass, window not responding, etc) user gets an error message that cannot open the share, access is denied, etc

The odd answer for this specific problem was:
There were more than 4096 objects inside of the folder! Not sure if this was a limit established for the share or some default value set in the Unix box
Everyday a script would send 10 files to that folder. When the folder had more than 4096 files the share was not longer available, so, as the solution, he had to create another share to start populating (he could not delete or move any of the files due to the auditing issues)


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