Lenovo T410 fan error upon boot

The temporary solution I found was to tap the bottom of the laptop, near the fan exhaustion area and keep the laptop in the horizontal position. Once I did that I was able to reboot the laptop successfully.

It looks like the fan is stuck somewhere inside of the unit or the thermal adhesive is not sticking to the CPU, or the fan might not be screwed in properly.

Since the T410 is not that old, try to call Lenovo Support (in the US call 800-887-7435) and check if it is still under warranty. If it is, they will send you an empty box, so you can ship to them and have the laptop repaired


34 Responses to “Lenovo T410 fan error upon boot”

  1. Wlo Says:

    Thanks so much! You saved my life!!!

    Have had my machine less than 3 weeks. Shame that Lenovo don’t seem to give a shit and say I need to send it away for a week for repair rather than sending me a new one :(.

    Thanks again.

  2. andy Says:

    Had my T410 about 5 weeks before getting the ‘Fan Error’. Seems to be a growing problem for this machine: http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/T400-T500-and-newer-T-series/T410-CPU-fan-failures/m-p/372453

    Thanks to apptech for a simple solution/workaround…

  3. John Says:

    Thanks so much,
    I was terrified with the loss of data that I might have to go through, and of course the time i would have to spend getting help from support,
    This solution worked.


  4. troilio Says:

    with your solution I fixed the problem.
    Do you think I’ll have to call for warranty repair ?

    • apttech Says:

      Always call for repair, if you have a in-warranty product. That the way manufacturers find out how they made a big mistake like this
      Good luck!


  5. Zeroin Says:

    I thought that it looks like a bios software problem. A few years ago I’ve faced this kind of bug with a ASUS desktop mother-board. There was an option In bios setting that let’s to set min CPU temp to start the FAN. And actualy fan didn’t start until it’s temp reached 30C.
    But on the POST I saw a stuck with fan error message and “press F1” I’ve just turned of that stoping sequance thing in bios and thats all. Later ASUS have released an update< that include fix for fan chek.

    Is any body sure that fan is realy stuck? Course my t410i starts normaly after 5-8 tries with fan error message. never less. It looks like it finaly warms up and switches on.
    But still i didn't try the method mentioned above. I'll try it, thanks.

    I've bought it abroad, and I'm afraid that waranty will not work where I live. So if any one will figure out a permanent solution and share it here that would be nice.

  6. apttech Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am sure it is a hardware problem otherwise the tapping underneath the exhaustion area would not make any difference.
    You might be out of luck if the warranty on the geographical area you live in is not covered by the warranty
    You may want to try on this link:


    and enter your Lenovo model number. It should tell you if the laptop is covered under the warranty

    Good luck and thanks for sharing your thoughts


  7. Zeroin Says:

    As I thoght.. That’s my warranty check result page: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/warrantyLookup.do?type=2518&serial=r8-33wl4&warrantySubmit22.x=0&warrantySubmit22.y=0&country=897&iws=off&sitestyle=lenovo
    – no IWS.

  8. Zeroin Says:

    The major discussion for this problem with Lenovo officials is here http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/T400-T500-and-newer-T-series/T410-CPU-fan-failures/m-p/444191#M44430
    The thing is a fan replacement.

  9. Eileen Says:

    Hi you are the best! I am traveling in New York when my Lenovo suddenly refuse to boot up! I was scared as I am all alone traveling but your tips actually worked! Thanks so much, you save my vocation!

  10. Felipe Furiati Says:

    thank you very much!
    I strugled in the begining but it did work out! thanks again!

  11. It_Tech Says:

    Just to let you know how I fixed mine, I just used an air can and used it on the exhaustion area, I suppose the fan was dusty and it helped removing it.



  12. Ss Says:

    Glad it worked … Tnx for the solution..

  13. Dynamo Says:

    This worked for me too – brilliant.

    t’interweb is ace.

    cheers apttech!

  14. John J. Says:

    Works for me too. WOW!

  15. jane Says:

    Thank you!

  16. lito Says:

    just a little persuasion (tapping) my T410, it booted up again. first time to encounter this fan error for my unit. Its still under the 3 yr warranty.

  17. hwo Says:

    My wife was on her way to Mexico City’s airport on a business trip to Santiago de Chile, her machine had the fan error, could not boot at 9 pm and her flight was at midnight. She was about to re schedule when I found this post. I called her back, she tapped the thing and voila. As we say here, compadre, I owe you, my wife loves me. You saved her day!

  18. T Fields Says:

    Tapping the back of the pc worked for me as well.

  19. Salman Says:

    Wow.. your tip saved my day.
    Got to get it repaired.

  20. Gerald Says:

    Got this on a brand new L530 today right after unboxing. Kind of sad that Lenovo doesn’t seem to have any quality control after manufacturing the device. A simple power-on test would have prevented shipping a non-working unit.

  21. Mikey Says:

    The fan error issue is CLEARLY a design flaw. IBM cooling fans from the previous models did not have this problem. When they send the field tech’s a replacement. The design of the fan has clearly improved. Can’t believe they haven’t done a recall or something. Geesh!

  22. drsuds Says:

    I got this working by tapping, blowing in the vents a little, taking the battery out and putting it back in. I assume I’ll have to replace the fan soon. they should last longer than this.. machine is not that old.

  23. BQ Says:

    Brilliant! You saved my day! Thank so so much!

  24. Pete E Says:

    Hooray, this solution fixed my laptop! I thought it was game over for the project I am working on, but you *so* saved the day! Thanks so much for sharing this

  25. Nagesh Says:

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion. The problem I had with “fan error” got resolved – did 1) spray with air,& 2) turned the fan with a pen tip and blew the air on the fan at an angle so the fan was able to spin fast on its own. This fixed the error. Thanks!

  26. Lou Says:

    Tapping did it – Great ! Thanks

  27. Emily Says:

    Thank you! This worked just now for me!

  28. Nico Says:

    Amazing. This worked. The system hadn’t been used for several weeks and left in a cold room. Possible that parts just got slightly stuck. Thanks!

  29. Mehnaz Says:

    I’m trying to do the tapping and blowing of air through vents but still my machine t410 is not working. Anything else that I can do .

  30. Akshay@12 Says:

    Blow air into the FAN . It works

  31. anoop Says:

    worked for me as well….thanks

  32. Carlos Says:

    On Lenovo t410 Press Esc while the system boots.
    Hope it work.

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