Maxtor Personal Storage 3200 no longer works in Windows when you plug into the USB port

Symptom: Maxtor USB hard drive gets the green light when you plug into the power supply and when you plug into the USB port on the computer Windows sees it: “Maxtor USB Hard Drive” and tries to load the drivers but eventually it says: The device is not working properly”

Cause: The AC power supply of the Maxtor hard drive is bad. Replace the power supply and the problem gets resolved!

Found the solution from user WRXGuy02


“Worked on a clients PC with the same issue. Here’s the fix!”
“The problem with all those folks who’s drive will not spin-up or the drive is no longer seen by windows, is that your AC power supply has gone bad!! It’s not supplying enough power to do anything but turn that silly little green light on…
I had a 2nd external drive with the same power adapter, plugged it in and the “supposed” dead drive spun right up & was recognized by XP!!
Now just need to find a replacement AC adapter.”
Thank you WRXGuy02!


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