Using the ALT key plus a numerical code to generate a vowel and consonant accentuation

Adding a keyboard language to your Windows operating system via Control Panel can be the easiest way to use accentuation and special symbols.

As an alternative, using the ALT + a numerical key combination to generate accentuation used in most romantic languages (Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish) can be quick if you like to memorize them
NOTE: You must use the separate numerical keypad on your keyboard in order to successfully generate the accent. Some keyboards DON’T have the numerical keypad and therefore they won’t be able to generate the accent via the ALT key combination (using the numerical keys located above the alphabetic keypad won’t work).

NOTE: If you are using Microsoft Word, you can also use the Microsoft Word codes (check here to see how: )

Or you can use the good and old charmap program (Start-Run and type: charmap followed by the [Enter] key and use the copy and paste function to transfer the character to the document you are typing
Here is the table:

ALT key + numerical keys

ALT+Num keys

Check this PENN State University link to see with greater details how to generate these accents using other operating systems:


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