10 Technology trivia questions

10 technology trivia questions:

Q. Who created the Firewire technology?
A. Firewire was developed by Apple in 1995 and even today it is considered the standard for high speed data transfer

Q. By Whom and when was the first personal computer developed?
A. The first personal computer was developed in 1977 by Commodore with the model Commodore PET

Q. Who sold the first computer with a GUI (Grophical User Interface)?
A. Xerox, with the computer named: Xerox 8010, in 1982

Q. Who created the first tablet?
A. Microsoft and HP with Windows XP

Q.Who created the first digital camera?
A. The first prototype of a digital camera was developed by Kodak in 1975

Q. Who developed the first touch screen cell phone ?
A. LG, with the model LG KE850 Prada, in January 2007, a few months before the IPhone was comercialized

Q. Who created the first Graphical browser for the Internet?
A. Marc Andreessen, with NCSA Mosaic, in 1992

Q. Who developed the first DVD disk?
A. Sony and Phillips, Toshiba and Time Warner in 1995

Q. Who invented the CD?
A. The CD was developed jointly by Sony and Phillips in the 70’s

Q. Who created the first portable MP3?
A. The first MP3 player, the MPman, was developed in 1998 by the South Corean company Sae-Han Information Systems

Q. Who developed the mouse for the first time?
A. Xerox was the first company to use the mouse comercially, on its computer Xerox 8010 IS in 1982

Source: http://tecnologia.uol.com.br/quiz/2011/04/15/quem-foi-que-fez.jhtm


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