How to find out the version of adobe flash player on your browser

Adobe Flash Player is an add-on to your browser, It allows you to see flash player presentations when you vsit a webpage that contains those presentations. Most of the portals today (yahoo, msn, AOL, etc) have some flash player content running.
When the flash presentation is requested to run, the flash player engine will check if you have the latest version, in case it requires the latest version to run the presentation
The easiest way o find out what version of Adobe player you have is to visit this page:

It will display the latest version running on your browser

If you run multiple browsers on your computer, don’t get annoyed when you get a pop up message from Adobe requesting you to upgrade to the latest browser version.

Updates are not only common for the browser but IE uses a different Adobe Flash Player add-on than Firefox Chrome, Opera, Safari, and other browser etc. Therefore if you use multiple browsers on your computer you can expect to get updates messages quite frequently when you open the browsers and an update is needed

As of April 28, 2011
These are the latest versions of the Adobe Flash Player available:

chart extracted from the Adobe page:


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