How to insert youtube videos into a Powerpoint presentation

I tested a freeware add-on to Powerpoint that works great if you want to add a youtube video to your Powerpoint presentation.
There are two versions of the freeware; One is for Powerpoint version 2003 and earlier versions and the other is for versions 2007 and above.

I tested the add-on in Powerpoint 2003 and I had to decrease the security settings in order for the add-on to work properly, but after I did it worked like a charm!
To decrease the level of security of your Powerpoint 2003 version, do this:
1.start Powerpoint and click on Tools-Options
2. Click on the Security Tab and click on the Macro Security button
3. Click on the radio button next to “LOW”
this will lower the level of security but will allow you to install the you tube add-on macro.
4. Close Powerpoint and double click on the youtubevideo.ppa file that you downloaded earlier.
When Powerpoint opens, it will automatically display the add-on under the Insert
menu. All you need to do is create your presentation and click on the YouTube Video option under the Insert menu, and enter the URL link when asked
That is all there is to it!
Good luck!

Here is the link for the add-on for both:PP 2003 and earlier versions and PP 2007 and newer versions:

Thank you Shyam Pillai for the great work!


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