Learning Windows Scripting for free on the comfort of your home from Microsoft

Windows Scripting is an essential tool that Windows and Network administrators need to learn in order to better perform their jobs.

Knowing Windows Scripting allows you to run mundane and repetitive jobs much easier; You can create a database of scripting AD commands using Windows Scripting
Microsoft has a great tool called: Windows PowerShell and the best part is that you can learn it for free.

You can use the Microsoft PowerShell in lieu of the command line prompt
With PowerShell, you can issue all commands that you normally use in the black CMD/DOS like screen in addition to the commands that you can create using the Powershell interface

If you want to learn PowerShell from a Microsoft guru, you can visit this site where you can learn in 5 lessons (aproximately one hour each)
the basics of Windows Scripting:

Learning Windows Scripting

To download the Windows XP version of PowerShell software from Microsoft, click on this Link:

KB968930 Windows Management Framework Core package

Note to download the package for all other versions (for all 32 bit or x-86 and x-64 based versions of Server 2003/2008 and Vista) click on this link:

x-86 and x-64 bit Server 2003-2008-Vista of Windows Power Shell or Windows Management Framework Core package


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