What is XenApp?

This is a briefing on XenApp 5.0, a great product from Citrix

Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008

What is XenApp?
It is an end to end Application Delivery solution that delivers Windows Applications to users and locations
Xen app administrators can select server-side or client side application virtualization dynamically and and on-demand, to optmize applications delivery for security, mobility and performance requirements

XenApp is the most complete application virtualization system available
Applications can be either installed or streamed to the XenApp server or streamed directly to the client device, symplifying management and reducing application operating costs.

XenApp provides the highest security of data and applications through secure, granular, policy-based acess with monitoring and audit controls.
XenApp helps to enable compliance with company, industry and government regulations

Components of Xen App 5.0:

Citrix XenApp 5.0 consists of the following components:

XenApp Document library – Core Resource for addit install, config and mgmt info
Load Manager – Ensures that each user connects to the srvr with lighest load and can best handle the connection
Resource Manager – Based on C-EdgeSight functionality; provides Admin with ability to monitor report & collect rsrc metrics 4 all srvrs
Network Manager – Provides the Admin with ability to manage XenApp using the SNMP; Snap-ins avail for HP-OpenView; tivoli Netview & CA Unicenter
Web Interface – Provide users access to resources published in one or more server farms through a web browser or the C-XA plugin; The WI can downl client software
Secure Gateway – Provides secure remote access to published resources on XA server through SSL/TLS encrypted sessions; XA uses the SEcGtw in combo with WI to sec comm.
Cytrix XenApp provider – Avail on Ent/Plat editions only; Provides support for Health Inform Systems like MS-Syst-Ctr-Oper-Mgr
Administration consoles – Access Mgmt Console (avail all ed) is a MMC snap-in that alllows admin permission, svr and srvr farm properties publshd resources and more; Primary admin utility for XA. Lic Mgtmt Console and XA Adv Config (printing on LM) also available
Citrix XenApp Plugins for Windows – To allow users to access published resources regardless of the OS installed on the client device

Note: part of this text has been extracted from the CXA-201-21 Student Manual (Implementing Citrix XenApp 5.0 for WinServer 2008


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