Web Listings Inc. – Watch out for their misleading solicitations

If you have acquired a domain name recently, and have got mail from Web Listings Inc., it is most likely a misleading letter. Web Listings Inc. is sending solicitations that look like “phony invoices” to owners of websites who have recently acquired a domain name. These solicitations are in fact sign up forms that claim to submit the domain name to 20 “established search engines (SE)”
Although they state in capital letters, on the middle of the front page, that “THIS IS NOT A BILL. THIS IS A SOLICITATION. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO PAY THE AMOUNT STATE ABOVE UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THIS OFFER”. I suspect many business owners end up paying the 65 dollars, thinking they must do this in order to maintain their websites.

The question is: Why do you need to have your domain name submitted to 20 SE sites, if only the top eight SE sites dominate 99% of the market? The other 12 are most like meaningless.

See this list below with the top SE sites and their respective market share (data provided by RealTimeStats.com)

As you see above, the top 8 sites are responsible for 99% of the all SE market share (98.86% to be more precise). So why are you paying for a company to submit keywords for 12 sites that have only 1.14% of the SE market share?
This type of service is MISLEADING to say the list.
Therefore, if you get a letter from Web Listings Inc. be aware and don’t send any checks, or other type of payments.

Also, It looks like they have been doing this for a while. Read this article. The article is from March 15, 2010 and they show a suspicious sign up form/solicitation, similar to the ones being sent recently.

My recommendation: Treat this as junk mail and throw it away.

Their letter and envelope contain their likely brick and mortar address:
1623 Military Rd #926, Niagara Falls, NY 14304-1745

If they are submitting these letters on a ongoing basis, I suspect they have sent quite a few thousands or tens of thousands of these letters, if not more.
The March 2010 letter has a reference # 24678186. The latest ones (Aug 2011) have the first 4 digits starting at 2686, followed by the last 4 digits, in another words; Based on these numbers, they might have submitted potentially up 2 million of these solicitation or “phony invoices”!

Finally, note that they have included a return envelope with their destination address on the front of the envelope and their email address on the back of the envelope. See how the back of the envelope look like:

Please don’t fall for this Niagara Fall’s company!


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