SEO – Some free Analytical and Keyword Research Tools

In order to improve your website you need to be aware of the keywords you use on your site and the keywords people are searching. If you sell car parts, you need to know how to insert keywords on your site that will bring people to it. So you need some analytical tools and Keyword Research Tools to find out what the “magical” words are.

This is a short list of some free Analytical and Keyword Research Tools available in the market, to get you started:

1. Trellian’s Keyword Discovery Free Search Term Suggestion
2. WordTracker’s free tool
3. Google’s Keyword Tool

Trellian’s gives you the annual number of searches for the top terms and its derivatives. Ex: Car, Car insurance, new cars, car theft, etc
It collects data from many seacrh engines worldwide

Wordtracker collects the seach terms from the metacrawlers Dogpile and Metacrawler. It gives the weekly stats (last 7 days) for the top terms and its derivatives (again car, car sales, car theft, etc, you got the idea)

Google’s Keyword Tool – The Google tool is specific to its own search engine. Since Google is THE number one search engine, its list is important and significant.
Keep in mind that seasonality plays a role on how people search for terms:

Christmas Decorations terms are very high in December list, but very minimal in February. Hot Chocolate is a “hot” term in the Winter, but not popular in the summer, and so on so forth.


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