System battery voltage is low – Dell computers

The “system battery voltage is low” is a message related to the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) battery. The BIOS is a small operating system that loads before Windows loads. It stores computer information. It also contains a lithium cadmium battery that usually looks like a big button (some people call it CMOS battery). The energy coming from the battery feeds the CMOS, a microchip that holds the computer date and time, drives configuration, BIOS password, etc. This information is used by the BIOS. The battery has a number on it. When you open the computer case and see the battery you need to remove it and replace it by another battery with the same number. Places that sells batteries usually have these type of batteries.

More about CMOS:

“CMOS is an acronym for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. CMOS are used as a simple form of memory on a computer motherboard. The CMOS holds user customizable information. Items such as passwords, the time, the date and drive configurations. CMOS is also known as BIOS Memory.

CMOS is used as a form of nonvolatile memory. It needs power supplied to it in order to maintain the data that is stored in it. The CMOS battery is that power source.

The most commonly used CMOS battery in the desktop or tower computers today is the CR2032 Lithium battery”



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