11 Citrix XenApp trivia questions

1. In XenApp 5 if streaming is required, what kind of site you need to create from the Web Interface or Access Management Console?
A. XenApp services site (XenApp allows both published and streamed apps , so you need to specify dual mode streaming if you want both)

2. By default, who provides the drivers for the auto creation printers in XenApp?
A. the default source of drivers used for client printer auto creation are the Windows Native drivers on the SERVER (not on the workstation where a lot of people think they come from)

3. Give two differences between the Citrix ICA and IMA protocols?
A. 1) Port numbers are different: ICA uses port 1498 and IMA uses port 2512
2) ICA is for communication between a client and a server
IMA is for communication between two more servers

4. Which port should be open in the firewall, if you decide to administer your farm remotely outside of the firewall (on a WAN link)?
A. You need to open port 2513 (AMC communicates with the DCOM/COM+ service via that port)

5. Citrix XenApp uses a data store; Which database programs are and are not supported by XenApp?
A. Supported: Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL and MS Access
Not Supported: MySQL and Sybase

6. What is the only service that Web Interface uses to communicate with the XenApp servers?
A. XML service

7. Citrix uses Load Balancing system. Which load balancing is used to manage the impact of user logins on the servers?
A. Load Throttling, applied to server loads (Citrix also uses three other type of Load Balancers: CPU utilization, memory usage
and page swaps)

8. With XenApp farm approach, what is the best way of keeping two environments separated (e.g. testing and production environments) one farm and two zones or two farms and one zone?
A. Neither, the best way to isolate one environment from the other is by using different farms, and each farm requires one unique zone, therefore you need at least two farms and two zones

9. What is the maximum recommended number of zones on a XenApp farm?
A. Citrix does not recommend exceeding five zones

10. When do you need more than one a zone?
a. In farms distributed across WANs, (zones). So, for instance in large organizations with offices and locations in different parts of a country or the globe, more than one zone starts to make sense.

11. What is a data collector “election”?
a. It is a system used by the XenApp farm to find out which server will collect the data for the farm (or the zone, if there is more than one zone). The election usually happens when the IMA service is restarted and when the farm looses connection with the Zone Data Collector (ZDC)


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