Creating a picture banner using Picasa

Picasa is a great picture organizer and picture touch up software. What I didn’t know is that Picasa also allows you to create great professional looking picture banners. The secret lies on three words:
Collage (From the top menu select Create-Picture Collage)
Picture Pile (From the collage menu select from the drop down menu in the Settings tab, the top option Picture collage)
Once you select that, all you need is to go to clips to select the pictures you want on your banner. If you position the pictures next to each other and select 8 to 10 pictures you will create a very nice professional looking banner!

A detailed explanation is located here on this well explained blog post from Clover Lane

Note: small pictures don’t make good banners, so check the size of your pictures the smaller the size of the picture the higher the granularity of your banner; Also when checking issues with pictures NOT showing up in Picasa, make sure you check this troubleshooting guide for Picasa

One issue that took me some time to figure out was the absence of small pictures on my Picasa database; It turns out Picasa hides small pictures by default; In order to see small pictures on your Picasa library, you need to select the top menu VIEW and check the small pictures option to view them


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