Copying MP3 files to your Android Phone or other Android Devices from a Windows computer

To copy the mp3 files from your computer to your Android phone, you first want to connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
The first time you do it, it will load the drivers for the Android device (Windows Vista and 7 should be totally automatic); if your computer is running Windows XP you must click on the “New Hardware Found” wizard specifying to search for drivers automatically on the Internet, it should do it two or three times). Once the drivers are loaded, you will see the removable drive on your My Computer, but you won’t be able to open the removable drive (it will ask you to insert the removable drive, so just ignore it). At the Android device or phone, you will see a USB icon in the menu bar on top. that is a good sign.

Drag the menu bar or the USB icon down and you will uncover a “USB Connected” message. When you tap this message, a dialog box will pop up giving you an option to “Mount” or “Don’t Mount.” You want to select “Mount,” which will allow you to transfer files from your computer to your phone’s SD card. On the Windows computer, once you click on the removable drive, you should now be able to open the removable disk and see all the folders on your SD card. Open the “My_music” folder. It should have some files already there, so don’t delete them.
Open another Explorer window where you should have all MP3 files you want to transfer and just drag them individually or as a group to the My_music folder.
You are done!

Good source of Android information: Talk Android

…and here is the Android Market


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