Multi Monitor Hooks and the Citrix ICA file

If you have in your Citrix environment several hardware platforms for your clients (thin clients, fat clients, mobile devices, netbooks, or a specific hardware configuration where you might have several monitors connected to your devices, you can customize how your applications will display on these multi-monitor devices by adding settings to the ICA file that will be used on the client.
When you open a Citrix session, an ICA file is generated. This file is associated with Online Plugin or Citrix Receiver installed, so as long as you have the client installed when you click the ICA file, it will start the session with whichever settings you specified

Citrix has two articles that explain how to customize an ICA file to specify several settings such as resolution, Monitor Preference Parameter/PreferredLaunchMonitor, Return to Maximized Parameter: DefaultMaximizedPos and Positioning Parameters/DesiredVPOS and DesiredHPOS (vertical and horizontal positions)

Here is the link for the article: Citrix Multi-Monitor Configuration Settings and Reference

On the server side you can specify global settings (will affect all client devices) or application specific settings (you need to specify the application name on the registry). Check the “Citrix Multi-Monitor Server Side Registry Settings” section on the same CTX article above


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