How to delete printer replication from the Citrix IMA Data Store

IMA is the “sacred cow” of XenApp/Presentation Server. The cleaner, the leaner, the better the IMA will be.
One feature that may overload the data store is the printer replication.
In Citrix environments where there are too many printer drivers loaded and you perform printer replication, you may encounter situations where the printer replication fails with errors listed in the event viewer. A good command to use and cleanup the data store of these printer replications is the DSCHECK command ran from the command prompt
The command:
dscheck /full printers /purge_replications will accomplish the following two actions:

1. The distribution jobs are deleted from the data store. The command searches for the DISTRIBUTION/DistributionJobs node and deletes all the subnodes under it.

2. All the replication jobs are deleted from the database. The command searches for the following node: PrinterRoot/PrintrDrivers-Replication. Under this node, there is one separate subnode for each driver that is due to be replicated. Each one of these subnodes includes information about how many target servers should be considered for that driver replication and which ones they are. After you run the command, all these subnodes are deleted and no effective driver replication occurs.

The replication jobs are deleted at the farm level.

Note about the Distribution Subsystem: To monitor how busy the replicators are, IMA uses the distribution subsystem. The distribution subsystem monitors the load on the XenApp server that is replicating the print drivers while they are distributed across the server farm. If the subsystem detects that the server is becoming overloaded, it reduces the speed at which it sends the replication jobs. This can cause very large replication jobs to take several hours.

Read the full CTX article here:

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