How to split big MP3 files into several smaller MP3 files using a free utility

With the proliferation of Podcasts you can now download the audio of your favorite radio and internet shows. But for example, if you want to listen the MP3 recordings on your car and decide to burn a CD, you may want to fit the audio without losing extra minutes on your CD, so you will try to fit as many tracks to fit the 80 minute threshold of CDs. Luckily, there are some good free utilities out there that allows you to do just that.

I tested Mp3splt Project the other day and it worked just fine.

you can run the utility from a command prompt. It is very easy.
For example, this command: mp3splt -t 15.00 mypodcast.mp3 will split the mp3 file called mypodcast.mp3 in as many 15 minutes mp3 files as it needs. So if you mp3 file has 58 minutes; it will create 3 MP3 files of 15 minutes and the fourth file will have 13 minutes. It is that simple.
This is a great utility and it works like a charm.

This other free utility Mega 3 Split has a GUI interface and it also works pretty good as well.


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