Publishing an URL as an application using Citrix XenApp

These are the steps to publish as an URL as an application.

Open the Access Management Console (XA5) or Delivery Services Console (XA6) or Apps Center (XA6.5) right click on Applications and select Publish a new application. Enter the Display name: e.g: Test URL

The Location section should have on the command line box: the full path of the browser, followed by the URL. Example:

“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe”

The working directory should be: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer

Of course this example uses IE as the browser. Make the necessary adjustments if you are using another browser and enter the actual URL you are publishing

Click Next for all the options to take all the default. You are done! You should be able to see the the display name you specified enumerated on the web interface on your client device

NOTE: You can also enable server to client redirection or client to server redirection depending if you want to open the URL on the client device or on the server. The server is the default.


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