XenApp 6.0 issue – Policies are not being applied

In XenApp 6.0 In addition to the registry, Citrix XenApp 6.0 stores policies on the following folder:
%PROGRAMDATA%\Citrix\GroupPolicy folder
If you notice that policies are not being applied in your XenApp 6.0 environment you can perform the following steps:

1 Log on to the XenApp server using an account with administrative access.
2 Delete all files and folders from the %PROGRAMDATA%\Citrix\GroupPolicy folder.
3 Run command gpupdate /force from a command prompt.
4 Restart the server.
5 Log back to the XenApp server.
6 Check if the policies are being applied

A good way of checking is going to the registry and verifying if the policies that you applied are being shown there

Also the folder should display the policies as well

This CTX article shows a case study where the steps above were implemented in a Citrix Provisioning Services environment. I know for fact the steps above also work on an non Citrix Provisioning Services environment. Give a try. As usual if your servers are virtual, make sure you take a snapshot of the server before doing the changes

I have not tested this on a XenApp 6.5 environment and don’t know if this works or not

Good luck!


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