Citrix Receiver and Online Plugin – URL for the PNA Agent

When configuring the clients for XenApp using either the Citrix Receiver or the Online Plugin it is sometimes a challenge to get the URL entered correctly; one of the reasons is that the URL on the client contains an extra suffix: “config.xml”
Example: On the Web Interface Server when you create a Services Site, the name usually will have this format: When you install the Online Plugin or the Citrix Receiver on the Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 workstations/Laptops or Thin Clients with Windows embedded, you must enter the URL if you want the PNA Agent to enumerate the apps. In order to do this, you need to enter the URL of the Services site. The URL has the same string as the Services site, in addition, you need to enter the suffix /config.xml, therefore, according to the example above, the URL for the PNA agent on the client side should be something like this:

Note: If the Services site is a secure site (https) and you use come certificate you can only enter the FQDN of the site, not the IP address because it has to match the certificate name. This is a common procedure on financial institutions, government and hospitals.

Once you enter the URL correctly, you should be prompted to enter the credentials for the domain and see the apps being enumerated on the system tray.

Note: If you are looking for a stable Plugin, try the Full Online Plugin instead of the Citrix Receiver. It works well on both XP and Windows 7. As of June 2012, this is the link for the plugin (My Citrix credentials required)
The reason why it is a good option is because most sites don’t really need the full Citrix Receiver, which has more features but is heavier on the client and adds more complexity. The Online Plugin version 12.3 has 16.3mb and the Citrix Receiver 3.2 has almost the double of the size and the increase in size is to address the functionality of new technologies such as the cloud. If you want to try a lightweight version of the plugin, use the version 12.3. It is a safe bet.

February 2013 Update

If you want to download the latest Citrix Receiver for Windows (web plugin) visit the site: The latest available available is 3.4. There is also a cumulative update version available. but for the vast majority of users the link here should provide the latest ICA client from Citrix.

The PNA agent site (configured on the Web Interface (WI) Management Console via Services Site, located in the WI server)) was designed to work inside of networks and domain environments. Configuring it to work outside of the network (WAN connections) is also supported but not the recommended way. It is not as robust and resilient as the Web Site configuration (also available in the Web Interface Management Console, under Web Site). Also keep in mind that Citrix has developed two new products to replace the Web Interface product. One is called Merchandising Server (to deploy clients), and the other one is called “Store Front”. The latter has the same functionality as the Web Interface Management Console, but it is written on a language that will be supported by Microsoft after 2015. That is the reason why the Web Interface Management Console as we know it, will be discontinued after 2015, the language in which it was written is being “phased out” by Microsoft.


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