Troubleshooting a XenDesktop User Device Licensing on a Citrix Licensing VPX server appliance

Let’s say you purchased a 100 User-Device licenses for Xen Desktop.
You built a Citrix licensing VPX Server appliance (A Linux Virtual Server made for Licensing)
After using the new licensing model for a few days or weeks you noticed the number of licenses taken by the license server is two or three times bigger than the number os users accessing your XenApp or Xen Desktop farm (example: 20 users are listed as logged in, but the License Management Console shows 80 licenses being taken)
The quickest and most efficient way of checking the discrepancy is to issue the command ./Udadmin -list on the Linux VPX Licensing server (you need to navigate to the folder where the Licensing file is)
This simple command will list all the users and devices that are using Citrix licenses.
NOTE: This model of licensing holds a license for 90 days. So you may need to use the command ./udadmin – delete to release a license of a user or device that is no longer active in the environment. To see a complete list of ./udadmin commands and switches, check this Citrix E-docs.


udadmin -list

Displays all the users and devices.
udadmin -list -a

Lists all features, versions, counts of licenses, and the users and devices for each feature.
udadmin -f XDT_ENT_UD -user u8.08 -delete

Releases one user from one feature.
udadmin -f XDT_ENT_UD -device dn01.88 -delete

Releases one device from one feature.

Note: In a Linux VPX Licensing Server the commands above are preceded by ./


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