College level courses from great universities and professors for free are now available – No strings attached!

Ivy league schools and top universities in the US and abroad are offering great courses online for free.

The concept, explained by Daphne Koller (see her TED video presentation below) is quite simple and straightforward: To enroll in these classes, all you need to do is to dedicate at least a few hours every week, during the duration of the course, a desire to learn and the knowledge of the English Language. The website founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng is called and to get started you need to enroll in any of the 198 courses (October 19 2012 count). There were almost 1.7 million students enrolled as of October 2012 and the number of students keeps growing daily. The web site has the following statement: “Take the World’s Best Courses, Online, For Free”. A couple classes had enrollment of 100,000 students! Daphne Koller mentioned that one College professor teaches one of these courses to approximately 400 students every year in the campus. To teach 100k students in the campus he would have to teach for 250 years to achieve the same results. That is the power of Internet!

I have enrolled myself in one of the classes and I am really impressed by the quality of the content presented

It is really good!

Check it out!

Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education:

Thank you Russ from “The Techie Geek Podcast” for the great tip!

Note: There are a couple other sites that also offer college level classes for free: Udacity and edX

This Time magazine article has a good article on the subject: College is dead Long Live college!


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