Pre-Populating the URL for the PNA agent using the registry

If you have a large deployment of Citrix Receiver Enterprise Edition to apply to your environment either for physical desktops, or VDI’s it can be a tedious endeavor to enter the URL for the plugin on each one of the devices.
A good alternative is to auto-populate via registry settings and push it down to the clients via Group Policy in Active Directory

The most important thing to find out is: Which registry key should we be populating on the client machines?
Well, there are two possible locations. For 64 bit machines, this is the location:
For 32-bit client machines, this is the location: HKLM>Software>Citrix>PNAgent>ServerURL

Now that you know the location, you can pick and choose how you want to deploy your auto-populate solution:

1. You can export the registry key you populated and save it to a network share where users can access and apply to their devices
2. You can make an entry to the logon script of the users that run the registry key change automatically
e.g.: Regedit.exe /s [path to network share]\pna_url.reg” (if you saved the registry key name to pna_url.reg)
3. You can push it via GP in AD. You can use a GP template to do it
4. You can send an email with instructions and attach the reg key file and tell them to run the file first followed by the install file of the CR

I have tested this on any of my devices, but I know it works for the latest version of the Citrix Receiver Enterprise (version 3.3 as of November 2012)

BTW, the link for the Citrix REceiver Enterprise is this. (note: My Citrix credentials required)

Good Luck!


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